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The website was developed for teenagers about chemicals they encounter in products in their everyday lives and the composition of these. The Chemical Days website takes 13-15 year-olds on a chemical tour of a teenager’s room. During the tour they are asked to consider the choices they make each day, when they use their mobile phone, read a magazine, do their hair, or put on a pair of trousers. The teaching materials in the website focus on the ongoing debate about hazardous substances they come into contact with in everyday life and the importance of involving youth in this debate, since they are consumers. It stresses how they must be able to take a personal stand and  distinguish between necessary and unnecessary chemicals. In creating this website, the Danish Ministry of the Environment challenged students and teachers to find answers to questions about hazardous chemicals in a new set of interactive teaching materials. Ministry of Environment – Danish Environmental Protection Agency – Communication Division In Danish and English Information for adolescents.

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